About Solve It Your Way!

Asking questions has always been one of my favorite things to do and I've always loved to think of all the ways I could figure things out.  There are so many things to wonder about and even more ways to find answers to questions.

Thinking and Problem Solving are messy business. There are big questions and little questions, big problems and little problems. No matter how big or small the problem, there are LOTS of ways to jump in and get started.  I love to solve problems and I also love to see ways that others solve them.  Putting our heads together when it comes to problem solving is what it's all about. What I've learned over and over again is that many times, there is not one right way to solve a problem.

What kind of a problem solver are you?  Different people will approach problems differently and that's part of the fun.  You might like to work alone first and then think together or you might be someone who likes to think with others before you get to work on a solution.  Everyone has ideas about how to solve a problem, the steps to take, how to collect information, how to record information, etc.  I've found that every time I hear from someone who solves a problem, I learn something new that I could try in a future problem.

Solve It Your Way is a place to celebrate all of the different ways we approach solving problems in science and math. Each month, we'll post a problem or two. Feel free to solve the problem and share what you did by linking to our post.  Then learn from others who have shared their thinking.

Solve It Your Way...then share and learn with the world!

Have fun!

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